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Every year, millions of people worldwide make purchases enticed by "price after rebate" promotions. Surprisingly, very few of those rebates are actually mailed in (less than 5%, in fact!). Then, weeks pass and the consumer receives either a check or a rejection notice (or no notice at all!). By the time the rebate check is due, most people have either forgotten about the purchase altogether or have lost track of the relevant contact information and have no way to follow up. Literally, millions of dollars remain unclaimed each year!

This is where comes in. Sign up for an account and enter the relevant details every time you submit a rebate. The web site will organize your submissions, keep track and report on the money you are owed, and will even send you reminders when your rebates are due. Give it a try, it costs nothing, and will likely put a few dollars back in your wallet!


New feature: rebate company statistics

We've rolled out a new website feature that shows statics across all rebates sent to a specific address. When a company decides to offer a rebate promotion, it has to decide how to handle all the submissions and how to administer payments. Some companies take on the task themselves, with a differing degree of success. Others outsource to third parties that specialize in running rebate promotions and administering customer claims. We've aggregated the data in our system and now, for any rebate, you can see a breakdown of how the company has handled other rebates. Click to take a look at an example.

Improved rebate search

First on the list of long-requested enhancements has been rebate search. You've asked for ability to search on keywords, and now you can. You've asked to have the option to only show current rebates, and now you can do that also. Finally, we simplified zip code entry on the search screen.

We hope you find the new search easier to use. Please keep comments and suggestions coming!